(July 4,1950 / Flint, Michigan)

A Girl Named Dave

Dave had a scoliotic back
That bent her like a question mark
She said oh my achin' back
I feel like Yellowstone National Park
when the Rockies' sacroiliac
lie squat as the lowliest Ozark
having a Big mac Attack
curled and shivering in the dark
muttering Whitewater on the rack
with Noah's aardvark.

True life is lived forward
And remembered in reverse
We all hear the song that Dave heard
And think we know the next verse.
But not an iamb, not a word
For better or for worse
Is understood beforeward
We are rolled into the hearse.

If I the world could choose to save
I think I'd save a girl named Dave,
a Dave so sunward grows the tree
is clasped in purest poetry,
so worthy, noble, grand and fine
a sexually ambiguous valentine -
poets are fooled by maids like she,
but only dogs salute a tree,
a Dave so tightly wound the coil
a most extraordinary goil
she thinks her life an acid test
me thinks she doth too much protest
acid, base, the crystal salts
box step the Emphyrean waltz
and backward glide the golden gown
till angels wake us and we drown

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Enjoyed this in real time. 'but only dogs salute a tree' Ha! - love the parody of Trees. by Joyce Kilme (himself of questionable gender name) , with a bit of Shakespeare and who knows what else in this delicious stew. -chuck