ML (August 1, '99 / San Antonio)

A Girl's Wish

These walls around my heart
Bear your name written in bold.
To you my eyes will always stray,
But your eyes toward me are cold.

From the day I first saw you
To now, two years past,
I came to realize
Why love's not meant to last.

Love's a young and fickle thing
Having no cares or worries.
It passes fleetingly through a lifetime
Like winter's last snow flurries.

So now I've come to terms
With the truth explained above.
You will never come to love me,
But what I want is not your love.

What I want is your warm and gentle
Hand holding my own.
What I want is more than anything
You or I have ever known.

What I want is something more than love,
Though perhaps that's much to ask.
I want a love that's truer than truth,
Love without its mask.

What I yearn for is the truest of loves,
Like that in poetry.
The kind of love that makes one feel
So innocent and free.

The kind of love you find in sonnets
Or romantic olden tales.
The love they say no longer exists,
But it's the love that never fails.

What I want is something long gone from this world,
But of which every woman dreams.
Love that never breaks or dulls,
Love with sure and well-sewn seams.

What I want is something that
Truly cannot be explained.
All I know is that when I see you
My heart feels truly pained.

What I want is, of course, impossible
But a girl can always wish.
Wish for her prince to come to her
And give her true love's kiss.

But perhaps you'll come to notice
How much I look your way.
Perhaps you'll come to change your mind
And look towards me someday.

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Comments (3)

wow marvelous composing. wish you luck in search for your prince and hope one day you find your love
My goodness, Melody, you write as though you have been in this world much longer than 14 years! Very nicely written, my dear.10+++
Wow astonishing. This is beautifully written, with striking words.