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Cause I Love You Always
CS (11 03 91 / Harrah\Oklahoma)

Cause I Love You Always

It's a nice summer
I believe it was the best over the history
Cause finally
You came to my grave
Cause at last
A beautiful tear of your astounding eyes
Dropped on the soil
Where I'm slept
With all pains
Suffered from your love
Where I'm still burning
By flames of your hair
Where I'm calm
Cause see your child plays cheerfully
With his embrace
His big and warm hands
You're happy
What about a death corpse then?
Forget me
For ever
It's a nice summer
Cause I love you

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Comments (3)

we can do anything with Christ leading! :))) *great big hugs* angie p.s. thank you so much for your supportive comment.
This poem made me really, really sad, untill I read the last sentence. But still, I'm really sorry for your hard history. I wish nobody had to go through things like that. But it enlightens me to read that you want to become a missionary, and I wish you great times.
great poem carrie, im sorry youve been through so much, im glad you have become the Girl Who Is, im sure you will be a great missionary too, as you have so much to give, God is watching over you, hugs