A Girl Will Kiss Me

Deserted by love
In the summertime,
I walk by the river
And speak to seagulls

by Uriah Hamilton Click to read full poem

Comments (17)

I fantasize a departure To an exotic place Where I’ll have a new And lovelier face. A girl will kiss me Who doesn’t intend To make me cry. superb write great 10++++++++++++++++
A wonderful poem for a girl and the kiss.
If you think you're the only boy waiting for the Mrs.Right, think again! I believe what you've written deserves a great deal of credit. Thanks for sharing.
I have read several of your poems and just keep reading.. You have such a raw talent. I know not, how long it is that you have been writing, or even what experience(s) that you draw upon in your life, but you are an amazing poet. Not one so far as I have read from you, is less than perfect. Beautiful Uriah... Moriah
exotic piece of creation... Please read my poems and advise.
aww...it's so sweet. & i'm wishing a guy will kiss me and not lead me on/stand me up/give me fake phone #'s. Maybe we'll both get what we want... eni da kid
A girl who intends to and does give you the unconditional love you deserve will throw her arms around you and never stop kissing your sweet face off. That's a guarantee. Hauntingly sad and well penned, uriah. t x
Uriah, What a beautiful poem. I enjoy poems that convey timeless experiences in understated, honest ways. I hope you found your girl. love, Alison xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Something for which every soul wishes: one who will not bring tears. Nothing so sad, in love, as a dreamless home or spirit - or heart. Wonderful write, Uriah.
A return to the romanticism at which you so excel, Uriah. Finely written and sweetly expressed! Best, Hugh
I love the way the images flow in this. Melancholy and melody. I especially liked the sandwiches offered to the sky-beings, image of sacrifice - sacred dream of hope.
A sweet and moving poem Uriah, a lovely read. I hope you get that kiss. Love Ernestine XXX
Uriah, you are a true miner of the vein of love. Grandly eloquent. Thank you.
Why is it that your poems break my heart Uriah? I am moved by your sadness...I pray that some lucky woman will realize what a beautiful person you are soon. You deserve happiness. Sincerely, Mary
nice poem, I found the first stanza gripped me, I liked the voice of the narrator, speaking to seagulls, and feeding them, it enables the reader to invisage your loneliness. I think the rest of the poem was good, but the first set the bench mark a real powerful opener. nice work vincent
Very beautiful and genuine. It is a pity that one cannot give a poem more than one ten. Kind regards, Sandra
Every face is lovely in the eyes of a lover Uriah! A sweetly heartrending read. Take a kiss from Tai. Smiling at you.