A Girls Dream Is A Fairytale

every girl has a dream of what their life should end up to be
but if you were to pay close attention to what it was
you would realize that every girls dream life is like a fairytale ina picture book
everybody has their fairytale but not from the very start,
so you need not to get upset when something bad happens
because with every bad thing in life comes a good thing,
maybe not right away but shortly it will come.
And you need not to dwell on all the bad things in life
but open up and let all the good things in.
Do not look at a sappy chick flick and say this is how i want my life to be because it is just a movie it is not real, and robably the person who wrote was sitting thinking while writing it this is how i want my life to be.
And most importantly dont look at a celebrity or the most popular girl in school and say i wish i was more like her,
you need to love yourself for who you are,
each person is unique,
love how and who you are,
and love each and everyone of your flaws.

by Amanda Marie Harrington

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