After The Storm

After the storm, how clear are the surroundings
the covering darkness disappears in a moment
hardened soil softens in the water
wet trees quickly spread green
The heat of summer is taken over by coldness
the brilliant sun is hidden from view
rain is brought by the clouds that are always beside
the mountaintop, up there where there is gentle beauty
Rain, you are like the tears of sadness
shed for all the lives that too early were sacrificed
for comrades who are missing or are in prison
for the pains and afflictions in their suffering
After the storm, blood hardens
on the earth, on the cart, on the piece of concrete laid out
water wipes away the winding road
flayed flesh and broken bones are finally laid to rest
Comrade Romeo, Comrade Grey, Comrade Dennis
how the storm raged when you were felled
how with the blows you were like leaves blown away
by the whirlwind and the eddy
Rest, all of you, for your song is always within us
its fervor will not crack even one bit
and the wet leaves will bum again
like our eyes with tears of sorrow

by Ramon Amancio Estanque

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I love these lines of Urs sweetheart..keep them coming ok? Cheers. The Sage Anthony Edmond John +2348020984990