(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Giving Too Much To None Done

A giving too much to none done.
A time once given to have it wasted.
With it realized the doing of it,
Had not been appreciated.

A giving too much to none done.
Sedatives taken to ease headaches.
Expected empathy believed,
Should be given as a commitment.
AND one's duty.

Being available on call.
Regardless of one's own needs.
Or perceive one's needs and desires,
Are not priorities at all.

A giving too much to none done.
A helping hand given,
To another who bites both hands off.
Then to have it heard,
By others who mock and scoff...
How the giver to do whatever done,
Had not been enough to satisfy the receiver.
Judging to complain how they dumped someone,
With a doing to turn a back on them done.

'How could you do something like that? '

~How could I do what? ~

'Leave someone in the midst of a crisis.'

~Was that before or after,
I had been diagnosed to be overdosed...
From a stress I was left to feel,
I just couldn't take anymore.~

'And that's the reason,
You have closed all your doors? '

Except for one.~

'Which one? '

~The one I open and close.
To come and go as I please.~

'That's selfish.'

~And it feels so good.
To know it as a blessing I accept.
Without one regret.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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