A Glam-Glitz, Show-Blitz, Star-Wiz Aka Poet

He is a modern Miro: a Picasso of fancy, pacifier
of Tsunamis, razbliuto of sentiments, king of
desires, Alexander to men, necromancer
of fantasies with an aura of actuality,
and harbinger of peace.
He is Lord Brahma of
Globes and Styx riddled with
awe, a bozo captures stars with his
mojo, a maestro of illusions that charms
the soul, glorifies the spirit to eternal bliss, OMG.

A glam-glitz, show-blitz, heart buzz, star-wiz
creating rippling waves a wand of wisdom,
Indeed he is a weatherman with blizzards
of life, breaker of time: past and
present, future, a total wizard.
Seducer of hearts metaphoric
words and terse Verse - he speaks with
no voice nor sees with eyes but professes
invisible truth with eudemonic hope draws
inspiration heaven and hell or fire and water….

He is knitter of ideas and twitter of imagery
touches with ink from the netherworld,
Elysian Fields, dead spirits, celestial
bodies, muses to Joe Blow and Don
Juan - Known by name poet
aka wiz of words biz, the wand
ready to cast love, romance, lament,
tragedy, dreams, desires, joy and all-else
under the sun on the wide angle screen of
life, a perfect name for all-in-one and all rounder.

by Harindhar Reddy

Comments (1)

Aloha Harindhar... well thought through and penned... kinda trick it is... where in is the message? ? ? let me seer this... Where is Waldo? something out of... thinner hair, or old and blue... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAha... here is a beginning...[necromancer of fantasies], [Styx riddled with awe], [a maestro of illusions], standing hundreds of metres tall... [waves a wand of wisdom], [a total wizard], [past and present, future]? ? ? What is this? there are really such tangible things such as a past, the present, or a future... [speaks with no voice nor sees with eyes], [with eudemonic hope draws.. heaven and hell or fire and water], and a pretty good pay chit for what it is that this individual really does... [all-in-one and all-rounder]... The true colour of the simplification of this matter... It is out of the mind... so now it does not matter... The post speaks for the all of US bards... word slinging what to be'... wanting to tease and please, both sides of an issue, the sweetness of lusting' thirst, demagogy at is worse, the pud pounding creatures of this whole earth... all included! and on and on and round and round... uppity dumpily, shat on a wall, had a life best movement... and fell on his brains as he falls... into oblivion... endus stupendous finis... 'F'in great crack my friend... please work on the format and the poetic form of this post, and really make it ring out to the all of US...All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two.