Nurturing Spiritual Lives

Neglecting our inner spiritual life, leaving it to die like
a flower that's been picked from its life-giving stem and
then dies.

People need to recognize and nurture their spiritual lives
interiorly, their lives would be more joyful and satisfying
because that's where faith and hope are energized.

Helping us through hardships and turmoil of life experiences,
passion for life being intensified through moments of living,
accepting and growing, nurturing our beings.

Physically, spiritually, intelligently, making a difference
in all our lives, giving aspirations and inspiration in which
to attain what we want most in this human life.

Creating values for ourselves and others, spreading truth,
positive attitudes and enduring traits of spirituality, to
everyone on earth.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Awesome poem....wairitng for more
The past and present here untie. Nicely written and well communicated
I saw the branches of the trees.
Always loved this. 37 year old that loves poetry
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