A Glimmer From Your Heart

A glimmer from your heart
It's the glow you start each day,
And all the others counterpart
That let you talk and be this way;
Feelings are like strings of pearls
That you draw from inside out,
A thought that may settle or whirl
Give assent when your in doubt.

All what's true must be within
Love's a feeling glowing right on,
Or the real affection can't begin
For nothing there is undergone;
Only a sallow leaf in the wind
That the longings still search for,
And in the lives was left behind
When summer time was no more.

A glimmer from those ways
Is everything you said and did,
And how a heart there interplays
When the roots aren't underbid;
You must search the sea of time
To think a thought so differently,
Love steps are acting pantomime
Nothing there seems aberrantly.

by Peter S. Quinn

Comments (1)

Hi Peter, Again what a loving kind poem with so much imagery, right now I am reading your poetry to my sister. I love this kind of poetry. It has a calming affect. Take care.