(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

A Glimpse Beyond The Mist

with closed eyes...
sunlight and shadows flicker over the eyelids
reminiscing days way back when, as mind drifts
mists of cold morning by dawn's pale light
waiting a warm embrace longing to hold tight

yesterday's keeps spinning back...
t'was like a newborn babe, nurtured with every breath
like a candlelight, the flame glitters oh so bright
captured shared moments...treasured words spoken
dreams to reality...of blue skies and lullabies

lying on bed, calm and still...
thoughts of a wonderland flutter in reveries
invading waking hours for a glimpse of the mist
shouting in space, no voice is heard in response
sun wakes, sun dies, droplets of tears, thousands hurting nights

masked in the dusk...
moonlight starts kissing the bright rose-color skies
doubts and querries arise, mists of antiquity rise
fear in the shadow, waiting to pounce on its prey
preventing hope from shining, unsure to leave or stay

unto the deep blue clouds...
two shadows lurk around in pale moonlight bay
odds against odds, vast space between east and west
of grey skies and lonesome cries left behind the overcast
soft arms stretching, reaching 'neath the other's arm's shadow

hush a by and another day gone by...
a new day is born of dawn's foggy misty sunrise,
beyond the horizon, in a silver lining, a fuzzy hand gropes
seeking the hidden piece for the jigsaw puzzle to complete
wounds healing, sad memories folding, a giant leap for another start
future untold, yet the tests of time defy not to tear and fall apart

if the heart is reborn to be broken...
sit not and get the great token, the coin that will jumpstart all over
wile away bitterness and thou not whine, aim betterment one day at a time
the past frightens but the future excites, and the present to savour
where past and future collide, in explosion of emotions and fireworks

beyond the mist of dawn's pale light...
distant memories rekindled unto the rise of a blooming love,
feel the soothing ocean waves against burning rays of sun on skin
look in the eyes of a child where magic is created in a wink
vision still blinks for the heart can view what the eyes cant see...

a breath, a heartbeat...

a smile...in a whisper...

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Comments (1)

I can see why you have won with this poem, it's one of the best I have read in such a long time! I have read it out loud (as I love to read poems :)) and it has such a beautiful resonance, such a beautiful melody, the words are so well put together, like a perfect puzzle, the imagery of the poem is strangely beautiful, I love the comparisons between dusk, sky and life, the past and the future and the present, the love we all seek... It is combined into one amazing poem, sad and melancholic seem to me, but also it talks about a glimpse about the things that could be... that could happen... On a scale of 1 to 10 this poem, deserves an 11, but I'll vote here for 10, (there is no 11) . You are a great artist!