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A Glimpse Into Nature's Soul

So much to love about in Nature and every day something new we see
Though little i seem to know of her for her secrets she hides from me
But now and then i get a quick glimpse into her beautiful soul
When she is calm and in a relaxed mood and her stronger feelings are under control.

In the mountain Parkland at nightfall sitting quietly in my car
The sun had set and in the sky the evening's first star
Was twinkling in the gloaming in the fading lamp of day
Not yet dark but visibility not that good as the minutes ticked away.

To the green patch from the nearby scrub hopped an adult female brown hare
She seemed quite relaxed and unperturbed of my presence unaware
Then out of a nearby tussock her young one did appear
And the mum sat on her haunches as to her it hopped near.

Her baby less than half grown it was scarcely half her height
And to watch it as it suckled was quite an amazing sight
Something not too many have seen and something I'd not seen before
And something for as long as i live i may not see evermore.

Something that i never had seen nor i may not see again
A glimpse into the soul of Nature and the memory with me will remain
Of the brown hare in the twilight as she lovingly nursed her young
Of such things stories and poems written and of such things songs are sung.

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