A Global Village

Poem By Kenneth Maswabi

Capitalists built a web of business connections between nations
In their search for lucrative business deals
Constructing a global theatre of business monopolies
A global business market was sculpted
And a global village was erected
In the minds of the Capitalists
It was business as usual
Not foreseeing the risks involved
They escalated their push for all forms of connectedness
From telecommunications to air travel
The global village community was thriving
At least on the first world side
The poor third world countries suffered from exploitations
All forms of injustices and negligence were poured on unsuspecting communities
Poverty and diseases were left unchecked
And a monster of immense proportion was created - inequality
The distribution of resources was one sided
And the peasants of the third world were left to forage the forests
Eating all sorts of forbidden foods
They opened the Pandora's Box
The capitalists forgot one critical area of business
Human beings are the key drivers of business
And any form of negligence or injustice is registered in the book of Karma
You reap what you sow
Now comes Covid-19 aka Coronavirus outbreak
Utilizing the same pathways of business transactions
The Coronavirus epidemic found the Achilles tendon of the current World Order
And a new form of reality was unveiled
Inequality is bad for each and every member of the global village
As long as human interactions are good for business
The detrimental effects of poverty and diseases will forever be our curse
Now it's time for the Capitalists to re-strategize
To unveil Marshall plans for the global village
Especially the developing countries
It's time to create sustainable employment in poor countries
It's time to develop sustainable infrastructure in Third World countries
It's time to eradicate poverty
It's time to erase inequality from the streets of life
Otherwise the next pandemic will not spare the board rooms
Or the shiny streets of the First World countries
Beware the Zombie apocalypse is next
You reap what you sow
It's a mantra for today, tomorrow and forever


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