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A Glorious Face

Beating drums clashed in the late nights silence, Barnasheba shook with every methodical Note; Hearting temples shed in the crossing perfumed Queens Chambers her maidens made ready the love Boat!
Scribes have written on her greatness avowing her to be the Eternal Flames of Beauty and she does so wear her endless youth Well; Wives fringe before her charms and lay bare before her Nurturing Bosom then slide to heat in Hell!
Jealous they maybe yet in each new encounter before her burning eyes they stand in devotion before this Queen; Zealous Kingsmen bend in homage to her throne yet in deeper respect they pray to what she Seems!
Kind to no faults killingly beautiful and towering above all Mortal Women in love she singes the night in one Place; Bind she does to all who come before her scents she sits as Elizabeth, a Crowning Queen with "A Glorious Face!"

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