RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

At Deaths Door

When they have a short time to live
And you’ve given all you can give.
When there s nothing more you can do.
Then you make the last days of their lives
Seem like it’s been paradise.

Show all the love that you’ve had locked up inside
This is something that you should not hide.
Bring up happy memories of times
gone by, and of moments shared.
These are things in their mind that last.

Make their lives as comfortable as can be
For this is the last thing that they will see.
For some it is not easy to pass to the other side
Because fear makes them blind.
But it is a place of love and light
They will not see the darkness of night.

Don’t show your love when they are dead
Show your love while they’re lying in that bed.
They need to be loved while they’re here on earth
This is what we crave from our birth.

If the brain still functions on its own
Then so does the heart.
And from you they do not wish to part.
They are thinking the same as you
When they’re gone, what are you going to do.

Any bills that may be left behind
On your shoulders they will climb.
these same thoughts may race through
Your head, and it’s something that you both do dread.

But these are the first thoughts that
Should be put into that grave
Give them happy memories that they can save.
Let them go to the other side comfortably
And on their face- that smile you’ll see.

We’ll all be going to that other side
And will need someone to welcome us there
And the love that you showed on earth
Will now be shared.

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Comments (5)

Supreme dialogue between the body and the soul superbly written in poetry with perfect rhyme, rhythm and simple words. A moral at the end concludes the poem very well. It contains the essence of your life time experience universalized so beautifully. I specially liked: 'When I was in the wood, I had the choice of my food. From the treetop I saw The sunrise with awe.' 'In my parrot's colony I had their best company. They kept me in cheers And saw, I shed no tears.'
A very good golden cage.A good coinicdence.I have also written one similar but different.I liked this
the way freedom was compared to the golden cage was beautiful... in the end... though the words were very expressive enough but the last paragraph stated the moral in a modest way....
A very wise and insightful poem written with beauty and great depth.Ten without hesitation. Kindest regards, Sandra
Very good. I find it difficult to express how this poem brings out my response, as i have difficulty expressing my response. Do you know what I mean? I like it, and look forward to reading other poems you've written. Thanks!