Change the position of your body
Vector of quantity, speed of motion
Distance traveled, uncertain origin
Came from your roots, just like a
vegetable; become nothing more
than purchased goods & services;
Become a GNP ratio, that’s the way
we’ll always be measured – & we’re
never deviating from circularity; now,
quickly change your distance from the
self-centered; velocity of a revolving
body – fixed point, recede from like
a black hole in space; lighten your
load so that you can propel before
certain defeat; no clicking of heels,
nothing to pedal, no axle connected
to wheels; no, what you need is, &
will always need is celerity &, oh,
yes – velocity of seeing the light.


by Robert Sheridan

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nice poem....thank U so much for sharing........
supreme; and inspirational
Beautiful poem, I love it one of my favorite poem.
Beautiful romantic poem, well articulated and nicely penned in good rhyme scheme with conviction.
I found you and I lost you. This is very touching. Sweet poem.
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