A Golden Day

I Found you and I lost you,
All on a gleaming day.
The day was filled with sunshine,
And the land was full of May.

by Paul Laurence Dunbar Click to read full poem

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nice poem....thank U so much for sharing........
supreme; and inspirational
Beautiful poem, I love it one of my favorite poem.
Beautiful romantic poem, well articulated and nicely penned in good rhyme scheme with conviction.
I found you and I lost you. This is very touching. Sweet poem.
so touching especially the starting
simplification of the complex feelings of love.
So simple but so beautiful
golden bird was singing Its melody divine, I found you and I love
I love it! ! ! ! ! I think this is amazing: D
in winter's cold dread a heart-warming poem I read
poetry like this feeds the soul and shelters the heart
excellent simple diction used.
what could a man found and lost in one day that happens on may? i would say their mom. may is month when mother's day is celebrated. he probably see his mom every mother's day.
A golden bird was singing Its melody divine, I found you and I loved you, And all the world was mine. I usually enjoy the melody divine in classical flute solo. Also in bird song, especially in preserved wilderness areas. Anyone who has enjoyed the dawn chorus in appropriate places with New Zealand national parks, or similar places in other countires, will immediately know what this means. 'Far above the bellbird sings, sweet songster your notes are like the mellow chimes of tiny bells. A tui, the parson-bird, takes up the call and sings a solo, complemented by the whispering wind that stirs the leaves.' The above brief quotation from 'Perspective Stand' which was written in 1982, might hopefully aid city bound readers to understand a little of the wonder of this phenomena. 'A Golden Day' by Paul Laurence Dunbar is a romantic poem rich in simplicity.
A lovely, but sad poem of love found & then lost. It's sure one we can all relate to. It has a lovely, natural flow to it too. Thanks for sharing. Spiritsong
'divine' is poor in 'melody divine'. But the poem tugs a little at the heart, for some of us have been there.
Reads like a hot coal in the heart of love
A poem of praise on the loved one like the song of a golden bird on a golden day is a day of dream in May indeedT
But when I dream of you, dear, It is always brimming May.....memorable words...no doubt, sweet memory is always treasured in sweet dreams...a golden poem