A Golden Path To A Woman's Heart

Have i always known? never!
It came along an eventful day
While a woman i dated broke
Never was it me behind brokeness

But her fateful journey had done her so
Let details be in the mind unwritten
Her pain had drunk all tears scant
Come at a difficult time to count as a man

Stay even you think to disappear
Wait and wait a woman heals
I had then waited and loved her still
From her sick bed i treated her like a queen

Though her sickness was early than i came
From her eyes i could see her heart bleed with love
She owned gold and thousand nickels
On her final breath she persuaded to let me own

But my lady i am a poet, i can never own a woman's gold
And so i sad, she then ask me to keep and bring it with me
When we meet again where the departed go
As her eyes closed, her heart was shining golden with love

by Melikhaya Zagagana

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