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A Good Christian
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A Good Christian

Poem By Valsa George

A hunter boy born to God fearing parents
Was taught from his very childhood
Not to fail going to church on Sundays
To make God happy, avowing His parenthood

But his fad for hunting grew so irresistible
That brazenly, he skipped church on one Sunday
And roamed through the jungle looking for a prey
Like one on a treasure hunt, excited and gay

In wild enthusiasm, he clambered up the mountains
Exploring every cranny through bush and brake
But as he turned a corner along the ridge
There stood a lion and no doubt, his valour did shake

On an impulse, the boy turned backwards to run
Alas, he slipped off and rolled down the peak
With the lion following him in hot pursuit,
Crashing on a boulder, his ribs broke with a creak

Unable to run or even move, he writhed in pain.
Trembling from the crown of his head,
To the soles of his feet, as the animal closed in,
He realized with a shock, he would soon be dead!

In great desperation, he cried out with all his heart
“Lord, I am so sorry for my willful omission
Please forgive me Oh Merciful, and save me,
Make this lion a good Christian with all compassion”

Lo, the clouds parted in the heavens
And a beam of light shone down on the aggressor
The lion instantaneously skidded to a halt
Fell on its knees and clasped its paws together

In thankfulness, like a good Christian
It drew the sign of the cross for God’s grace to overpower
And recited in a tone of great reverence
“Father in Heaven, bless this food that I am about to devour! ”

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Comments (12)

A good story poem written in Perfect Faith. It provides a magnificent lesson. God do reside in children in their innocence 10+
An impulse turns back the life. We keep unlimited trust on God. Clouds part and pat over heaven. Father of heaven ever blesses all is true. We shall keep trust on him. An interesting sharing is done here really.10
Loaded with love laughter is this creative composition. Well done my friend!
A gripping story with such a funny ending. I thank you for the smile you've put on my face.
A beautiful poem with high speculation bearing morality.. Excellent collocation. Many thanks........10