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A Good Citizen

When i hear someone referred to as a good citizen i feel like laughing aloud
Your government approves of you big brother of you proud
But if you die tomorrow the government won't care
To them you are just a number and your type are not rare,
The government and big brother you do not need to impress
Their approval or disapproval will not ease your cares and stress
The one who is a good friend to the neighbour is surely far more great
Than the one big brother looks upon as a good friend of the State,
The good citizens pay their taxes and work hard for their pay
And they vote in a lousy Government on National election day
And good citizens dob in their fellow citizen to the police for a minor traffic offence
In their quest for big brother's approval they sacrifice common sense
And many more good citizens they passed away today
They worked hard and voted in a lousy government and their taxes they did pay.

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