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A Good Day (Today Is)
LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

A Good Day (Today Is)

Poem By Liz Munro

Today is a good day to be happy
The sun's brightly shinning,
Birds are gaily singing,
Negativity today, is not winning.

I'n not drowning in the tide,
i'm swiming with it -
like a fish,
yet, althought painful past's not dead,
No longer do i hear,
their criticising voices in my head.

Can't forget the past -
But i can forgive,
banish their wrongs,
They're locked in the dark,
everyday's a good day is how i will live,
and mending my scared heart
Is a great place to start.


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Comments (4)

I like this one alot, it seems more happier than the others I have read
The thing I like about your poems, Liz, is that I feel much better after reading them. Here in England, the window panes are rattling with rain, I've had three severe crises today, but after reading this, I felt so much better. Thanks.
Good uplifting and positive poem
Liz, this is a cool poem. I like it.