The Undying Dark

Amidst the void, in this barren emptiness.
The sweet sound of solitude, gently cooes.
This slow twilight, shines in ever present stillness...

A peaceful moment of tranquility...
Bare of noise, clamour, and banter...
Frozen in entropy, this gentle desire.
To see... and to feel... this soft, quiet caress.
This inaudible silence, holds to no qualms, nor agony...

In this gentle void, amidst the quiet breeze.
A flame of tireless samba, flits and flickers.
Like a ripple upon a puddle...

The engulfing breeze, embraces the tireless flame.
Covering it in soft touch, and silence.
The tireless light, slowly dies... in silence, and grey remnant...

by Morgan Siegel

Comments (4)

A good Government nicely defined in a thoughtful poem.
bahh, very good positive write.
As citizens of this free country, we all are entitled to that 'protective, benevolent spirit' and the government is duty-bound to take care of their needs and expectations with love and care. An elected govt cannot and should not have a partisan view drafting their welfare schemes. Thanks for sharing the poem, Jasbir ji.
A good government Always works like a good parent; wow! ! ! ! ! excellent simile is depicted wonderfully, thanks for sharing the poem with us,10