I Will Hold You Close To My Heart

Poem By Joann Carrano Passmore

Their voices are carried down the halls
Making me just want to fall
How can they be so cheerful?
When everything about this holiday makes me fearful.

You said it would be okay
That it would be a good day,
But now I’m starting to doubt
Everything we talked about,

Because now you’re dying
But no one else is crying
They say you deserve it,
Deserve rotting in a pit.

I don’t want you to go
Without you I’ll be alone
What kind of a holiday is this?
When all I get is something to miss

Maybe I’ll join you,
Then it would be just us two,
We could leave together
Now that would be much better

People may miss me
And that’s how it should be,
But I’ll be happier this way
Then I’ll have a good holiday.

12th December 2007

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