! A Good Man In An Evil Time

This is the story I was told – I’ve omitted
the details which might identify
and narrow down the nation,
the place, the family, the man…

by Michael Shepherd Click to read full poem

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One of the most thought-provoking pieces I've read on this whole site. How dare any of us say aloud what we might do when put to such a test? We can guess, but history shows that people are sometimes put into situations they were not well-prepared to deal with. And since we can never truly know what struggle another has had to endure, our judgment is likely to be inadequate. (I have printed this poem out, and will reread it later.) Thank you!
Interesting the voting on this one - 2 x 10 and 3 x 1 by my reckoning. Some obviously don't agree with you Michael when you say 'Here was a good man'. I'll have to think about this a bit more.
And there must be many such cases....' Good Men in an Evil Time ' This time itself is not very good...... And the people are also very selfish and inhuman. Ultimate resolve being......Prayers and nothing else.....Prayers for one and everyone.......Prayers only come to rescue.....Let's us have faith, cheers Gaurav
This is a fascinating story Michael told by a wonderful storyteller. As to your question: I am reminded of Gibran's words 'Even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each one of you, So the wicked and weak cannot fall lower than the lowest which is in you also. So the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all.' It is so easy to judge from a distance. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Dear Michael It is true that life brlongs to God Kiling is an evil thing to do Your poem is briliant This poem is a master piece
Am impressed by the story. It makes one put himself in the shoes of 'hated strong man'. In many ways, it is really about an ordinary man in this crazy real world. What I have always wondered about is how such experiences affect the making of a man. Does he begin to enjoy his role as a source of pain? And if not, will he not feel bitter when the tides turn, as in, when he is in jail? Splendid!
Michael, You manage to bring a person to such a state of introspection that we really do look at the world and life a little differently after reading this. It takes a very courageous person to say ''What would I have done...truthfully...''. Most people just judge, they don't try to put themselves in the shoes of the other. Wonderful write. I will remember this one! Sincerely, Mary
I think this was such a touching and interesting story/write. Thank you for sharing it. It is interesting that I have heard of some in countries of Germany and others when even back in Hitler days refused to go to war; yes, because of their conscience for they too felt it was not in their hands to kill another. We sometimes look upon people like that as 'being gutless, cowards, or not having courage.' I suppose in the face of patriotism as in his case he 'did what he was told-although inside, ' it wasn't his way and good that God can read hearts. I am imagining what this man went through in his mind constantly and not even that in his dreams. He apparently though was good in other respects for it was told by prisoners that he had not been cruel. Yes, this was a fitting title.....I guess in the end it balls down to what we can live with, when faced with the question of what shall we do? A good write. Thanks for sharing.
You may not know how you would have reacted in those circumstances, but I bet you know how you would have liked to react? Morals, ethics, and only reality of need to bring truth, eh? Will we ever really know, till tested so? Danny