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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! * Untold Grip Of Sorrow*! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

skin seems roasted by scorching rays
sky is burning by heat of summer
sultry weather remembers autumn’s flow
anger never reels through by fear of love.

softness mellows by sweet feeling
where is smile latching on into hide?
oh emotion be cup of anger retreating
silence miffed yet untold by grip of sorrow

night still seems resilient by tear as dew
heart loses its rhythm riling upon wisdom
abstruse stillness redeems from penitence
as the reality insists upon truth of reason

Sorrow redounds deep in darkness in furrows
Humor blurs in dearth of rippling smiles
Sadness rides over the glow of ingenuity
Do you ever measure the distance of love?

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It is really poignant and emotional expression of a wretched situation in which a Vietnam war veteran finds himself now. Very thought provoking poem. Thanks.
A man who was not forced into military service, he has done so out of love and duty to the country. Nevertheless, he got nothing in return.
Stand up kinda guys sent off to that useless Vietnam war and had their lives ruined and now society just forgets about them.
I love this. I've known a couple of guys like this; served my time with them.
Now I am old and kiss my country bumpkin.