EB (21/10/87 / )

A Good Night Out

bleary eyed,
fuzzy headed,
mascara stains from the night before.
lipstick smudges,
crumpled clothes,
she can barely remember anything more
than smoke, and booze,
tears and laughter.
she looks in the mirror and inwardly groans.
she needs something fast
to sort the headache
brought on by bright white bathroom chrome.
hair removal cream,
tweezers by the sink.
where the neurofen?
or the aspirin?
she needs to stop and think.
another glimpse in the mirror
it certainly aint pretty
but scrubbed up it wont be so bad
splash of water,
refreshingly cold,
its 6am, she must be mad.
she sighs,
pulls the blinds
and mutters as she holds her head,
it was a good night out,
shes sure
but now its back to bed.

by Elsa Bear

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i really like this elsa, well done.