A Good Poet

A good poet.
Who is a good poet?
Is good poet sinless?
Who is sinless?
And what is a sin?
Who is free from
Obtuseness, inactivity
Heedlessness and delusion?

And what is a poem?
What is it like?
Who is writing poems?
Is poem in love?
And what is love
In this world of passions
Attachment, aversion.

Is poet happy?
Ask the poet and
The answer you received
Is not his
Hearing the answer
Are you in tranquility.
A good poet
A good poet.

by Gajanan Mishra

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me thinks a good poet is one who attempted to write and didn't give up. We don't have enough of them in this crazy world. Keep writing. tfs
A good poet lives in your poem.
Gajanan is a good poet. He asks who is a good poet. Makes you wonder if he has an alter ego writing his poems- if he forgets he is the good poet. Does he want confirmation? Gajanan is a good poet.
You have dissected the traits of a good poet very meticulously! Loved the elucidation......10
excellent poets are those who reply and ask me not why UR a great poet we see will we ever be like ye
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