A Good Shepherd

Shepherd are of two kinds,
Both are out in the field
Bounds by different rules in minds.
Contrast is what in heart they wield.
One own and cares for the sheep,
The other cares not for he is hired.
When wild dogs and wolfs creep,
The hired believe better be fired
Than risk his life for sheep.

The owner lays his life for the sheep
Because of love, he knows his own sheep
And his sheep knows him and his voice,
He calls them by their own names.
To protect his sheep is his only choice.
His Father loves him and his aims
To ensure all sheep are at their homes.

The hired hand leaves the sheep
and wolfs devours them away,
They scatter and in field they sleep
since they don't know their home or way.
The good shepherd wins trust and love
Of all the sheep even these of other pen,
He calls them, they rush to him like a dove
He makes them one and of same pen.

by Kinyua Karanja

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