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My Mighty King
EF (11/23/49 / Thibodaux. Louisiana)

My Mighty King

Poem By charlotte marie peachey

Your nails are hard, lovely, and LONG...
CSI wants their impression cast...unsolved cases.
That huge Kingsnake ate all the bad snakes...
Your Chihuahua is aggravating it.

That red, slinky dress will look so YOU...
What's 4 months of exercise?
That 5 star cheesecake-the finest ingredients...
You have those ingredients...and finest intentions.

You made the bed and went for morning coffee...
Won't spill a drop, until you get out the bed at noon.
Have a 'double decker chocolate ice cream' party...
Why bankrupt that company all by yourself?

Uh, Happy Holidays!

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I read this whilst eating a fantastically calorie-laden meal and thanking my lucky stars that the word 'exercise' is one I will need to look up in the dictionary. 'Exorcise'' however is a different matter... tee hee.... pass the chocolate, lovely one! t x
Keep up the crusade, or charade... Love those nails!
contains the best things i enjoy about a poem, healthy healing therapy, for a sic or upset tummy... well done.. and keep being inspired to greater writes, sure beats burning down the house...anyday.. i mean when ya rEaLY cooking..