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(a) Good To Choose
( / Connecticut)

(a) Good To Choose

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

A good to choose,
Over an evil easy to create.
Takes a strength one's faith,
To display.
Only those perceiving,
Good people are weak cheek turners.
Will never find them,
Among the ones spineless.
Preferring to backstab and deceive,
In places sacred.
To then declare themselves,
Strongly religious.
Wholesome humanitarians.
Yet will lie on others,
To protect not only their hypocrisies.
But also abuse their integrities,
To keep their own insecurities...
Shielded behind a false faking,
Of a strength unknown to feel it real.
Will depict someone who is good.
And kind.
As weak.
Until it is discovered,
One's faith to keep it not faked.
Takes knowing how and when,
To put demons in their places.

"You are a Jekyll and Hyde."

-There you go.
Always trying to put labels,
On my expanding talents.
But a Jekyll and Hyde?
That's been done to do.
By too many overdoing that act.
I let my 'Spirit Guides' do the small stuff.
Allowing me to remain as good as possible.-

"Spirit Guides?
That's crazy talk."

-To you?
Why am I not surprised.-

"You need to go to a church.
And find God more in your life."

That explains why you called me,
A 'Jekyll and Hyde'?
I understand.
Trust me.
I do.
My faith with it kept,
Has had God for decades...
Testing it to validate.
But I will agree,
Some choose to see it as a weakness.-

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