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A Goodbye
( / Midwest)

A Goodbye

it was a black night it was
full of everything that fear
is made of or wishes to.

i asked for a chance to hold it
all like a spoken word in
a thunderstorm. it left with-

out leaving a note, even the
way the door slammed said
nothing, i felt a piece of me

break off i did, it's an old cold
town where you were, it was
sometimes a dark road other

times it was a sunrise on a
quiet water, there is now a
puddle dripping through the ceiling

after the rain came and went
and came again, i came and went
and now it's yesterday and you

are making the bed and there
is sunlight coming through that
smile of yours, it was a goodbye

day it was, the way you took
the paintings off the wall along
with the pictures, we were boxed

up we were, it's dark in here
without you and the madness
pours down like rain

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separation is a painful thing to bear.................