A Grain Of Rice

A grain of rice
In the cooking pot
Cries, "I wish
I could get out! "

I wish I could get out
Of this cooking pot
With the entire waters
Of The Flood,
Nay, Styx drained
Enough to drown
The Universe
And the infernal fire under it.


Comments (29)

A Grain Of Rice is wonderfully depicted in your poem, thanks for sharing the poem with us
This is such a brilliant philosophical poem...full of symbolism...A grain of rice (human being) ...being alone is too hard to bear in this challenging world (the Pot) ...The water (surroundings) and the fire ( trials to mould us) ... this will be added to my poem list and 10+++++++
An imaginative and thought provoking piece well executed. Every grain of rice matters. Rice is considered as one of the basic food of most countries. This wonderful poem gives emphasis on the matter.10
This poem is a philosophical conundrum for me. The single grain of rice? A single person in an infinite universe? What if the pot were full of rice? Would that change the second stanza? I enjoy a poem that forces one to think outside the comfort of what is familiar. Well done.
Great imagination.... I really enjoyed this poem. Many 10++++
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