The Sad Mother

Sleep, sleep, my beloved,
without worry, without fear,
although my soul does not sleep,
although I do not rest.

Sleep, sleep, and in the night
may your whispers be softer
than a leaf of grass,
or the silken fleece of lambs.

May my flesh slumber in you,
my worry, my trembling.
In you, may my eyes close
and my heart sleep.

by Gabriela Mistral

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starry space. sand, immeasurable.. thank u..
This reminds me of William Blake's celebrated verse: To see a world in a grain of sand/ and a heaven in a wild flower! Thought-provoking poem!
Love you
From a single grain of sand the world sees the poet.
Could anyone tell me if this is in the public domain and if there is a resource for checking? Thanks.
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