A Granny's Story Of Three Sages

The granny's story of three Sages,
That goes on for many ages,
And this one everyone may know,
But a few may not, perhaps, know.

It's for those ignorant know-not-few,
Here goes this short story new,
That may be of interest to them,
And bring a total change in them.

The long years of Sages' penance,
One day ended with God's appearance,
And they got this wonderful boon,
Of their Heavenward journey soon.

They went ahead, with their body and soul,
Towards the Heaven, being their ultimate goal,
And halfway on their journey beyond,
Faced by a Lord's test, they stood astound.

A serpent, from the claws of an Eagle,
Picked up from a remote jungle,
Trying to escape, it did best to wriggle,
Only to fail again in its freedom struggle.

Why this cruel act, one Sage thought,
For its prey, another life was caught?
Why not God be kind and merciful,
To keep the holy order impartial?

As this thought disturbed his mind,
He fell down deep on the ground,
Halfway before the doors to Heaven,
Having lost his chance for admission.

The second Sage upset over it,
Cursed the Eagle for its cruel act,
And went back to the place of start,
With his long years of penance lost.

'I'm no judge to sit on the Lord's will?
He knows what's best in His role.'
The third wise Sage thought,
And he reached the Heaven straight.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (3)

a beautiful moral in a very good narration here...easy fluent poem telling style...10
Sir, it is a wonderful poem-story and told in a simple way.
It's easy! One sage questioned God. The second sage cursed God. But, the third sage trusted, even though he couldn't understand, and accepted God's will. That's what we each need to do in our own lives. It's a wonderful lesson!