Not So Perfect Afterall

From the outside
People see her as happy.
She's always smiling
and has the loudest laugh.

She's never alone.
Someone's always standing
next to her.

Her parents arent divorced.
And they have a decent sized

She gets good grades
And people see her
as a good kid.

Parents can trust her.
Teachers love her.

From the outside
she is perfect.

Her head is held high
She is always there for others.
She is the sweetest girl you
can meet, with the biggest

From the inside.
The side of her you will
never see.

She is broken; shattered.
Pieces of her lie everywhere.
Unable to be put back together.

Under her beautiful clothes
lie the ugly scars.

The scars that tell the
story of her pain.

Inside her stomach growls
As she skips another meal.

Her muscles ache.
and her body is tired.

She works it too much.
She never sleeps.

From the inside
she battles problems
that you would never imagine.

she has 'grown up' faster
than she wanted.
she lost something
important to her

and she never really got it

Though her outside never
shows it, she is hurting.

This act has been going on
since she can remember

No one has ever noticed.
Will anyone ever notice
That she's not so perfect after all?

by Wishing For Perfection

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aww beautiful poem well done. V x