Growing Old Together

(A Wedding Anniversary Poem)

I thank God for giving you to me
Two hearts entwine sealed in a golden cage
Loving, as we have never loved before
Sharing our good times and bad times
Enduring trials, enjoying one another
Singing songs that bind us together
And praising God, for there is no other

We are committed to love forever
For better or for worse
For richer or poorer
We don't have treasures to keep
We only have each other to give
As we continue to surrender our lives to the Almighty
Praying that we will grow old together
Even in another time, in another place

I want you to know that I LOVE YOU
I want nobody to care for but you
Until the end of our journey here on earth
Holding each others hands in Heaven

by Meggie Gultiano

Comments (3)

Parents always inculcate vales and aesthetics to kids… great tribute to parent … I feel it to my parents too 10/10+ Ms. Nivedita UK
when i have in laws i hope i they are as loving an amazing as yours seen to be :) beautifully written
In all the world, there's no one like my father and mother - in-laws They known to this world as a great couple Although, they were no more with us today ..may not be with us but leave deep impression and regard for themselves.. we cherish their love always...good and thoughtful poem...10 read mine humble mission and miss i miss u