A Great Escape Orchestrated

A fate worse than death, ladies recruiting
hostesses for a local charity event, each
to preside over a table of ten - provide and
serve a full-course dinner with dessert
afterwards, table decorations, serving
while a famous singer takes centre-
stage, I was aghast

Volunteers required - can women really
choose such suffering, I was speechless
with shock when the lady asked me, but
luckily Rudi kept his cool - kindly informed
the charity lady I would not be available,
to our infinite regret, I appreciated the
white lie he added

A great escape orchestrated by Rudi, the
lady thought a pastor’s daughter like me
should be obliged to acquiesce, I’d rather
die than live through such an ordeal, thanks
Rudi, for stepping in timeously, she was so
overbearing, I didn’t know how to oppose
her – it would have led to a tragedy!

by Louise Tredoux

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