TK (31- 1- 1969 / kerala India)

A Great Man And His Final Verdict.....

So many knights
so many fights
so many heads
so many deaths......

we know truths
we hide it heists...

one day
put her wings and sword to me
flow away beyonds all clouds
beyond the dark sky
beyond angel can reach
he took me show his arm
burn for a fight...
gave me an armour...

cheerful with a fight again......
asked me to go for a sword
makes words for a snub...

so many fights
so many knights
so many prompts
so many deaths..
war for you a fun......

just you was there
without a flower
so many lights
no many songs
no many flowers
just you was there.....

you may restful here........for peace....

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Really awesome Kee..
Interesting take and use of metaphor. The flow of the poem works well to the climax of the piece. Great writing.
For a civilian, the life of a knight looks great and glamorous. But the great man alone knows the gravity and pressure of his work. Friend, you have penned the inner struggle of a knight beautifully. Marks 10
Hello Kee, I love your Poems, and I want to read more, perhaps I'll sleep late tonight and read them all! You are so creative Kee... I love the litany, it's quite telling...Excellent! You are a very good Poet! Have a glorious week to you... :)
Nice poem, very well written.
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