(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

A Great Poetess

Admired and enjoyed,
As a guide I deployed,
Messages I found,
In her poems so profound,
Her messages of ethics,
Her sense of civics,
A true loving heart,
In the battle with thwart!

Always wins the wars,
She's Venus in stars,
A candle although old,
But her flame is gold,
A beacon on the shore,
Guess her and adore,
You know her well,
A melodious bell!

When my brain is tired,
I am not admired,
Inspiration I need,
Then my childish greed,
Looks her for a feed,
And a flower I read,
Fragrance of her flower,
Is an inspiring shower!

Should I take her name?
Watch the Hall of Fame,
Pick your lovely choice,
And listen to the voice,
Of the lady with grace,
What a smiling face!
Or remain in suspense,
I am too much dense!

My Dear Friend, your guess is wrong,
No more teasing, now I don't prolong,
Her love children you see every night,
And in the sun you see her light,
Her love children are the beautiful flowers,
Her love children are the pleasant showers,
Her favorite child is the beautiful moon,
She believes in love and love is a boon.

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Comments (60)

As always I enjoy your poems bcoz of the flow of words and their rhyme and rhythm. lovely write
Such an excellent tribute to a poetess from a poetwho also possess same greatness or much more! ! 10++++
Another poetic gem from a great thinker. You let your readers ride along with your thoughts in this magnificent write. A wonderful work of art worth of being read again.
A great poem sir! The magnetic power of this wonderful work drags me to read and re-read it!
Always wins the wars, She's Venus in stars, A candle although old, But her flame is gold, AN EXCELLENT poem about some one then the Twist speaks all of tha some one.. .''woh muskuratey toe hongai.. meree nazam par mur muskurana toe unkee aadat hee hai.. abh humme sehne kee bhee..adat see bun gayeee DOSTON AAP BHEE MUSKARAN A]KABHEE Sabhee do u ever read comments NO 56 PLUS WHO CAN BUT JA SAHAAB
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