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A Greater Wisdom

I cannot and I dare not
venture out into the dark alone...
I need a hand to guard and guide
A greater wisdom than my own...

I need a shepherd
who knows the traps n pitfalls on the way
One whom I can trust to lead me safely
home by night and day.

One who sees the secret snare
and walks ahead the path to show.

Alone I stray and lose my way.
Alone I know not where to go...
I cannot and I dare not
venture out into the dark alone...

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This is the earlier stage in the path of attaining wisdom.........all seekers of knowledge go through. But realizing that we need a Guru itself shows that the person has already reached the path...............What happens in the penultimate stage...........if u so may read my poem JEEVANMUKTHA. Very good fact more than a poem......wisdom
Clearly spells out the importance of a guide anywhere.
hi.....only a person with great wisdom can speak about such a greater wisdom so you already have that my friend......
It is wise to have help, ateacher to guide us through our difficulties. You write very well. 10+
High thinking at a young age! ! ! Congrats! Keep it up! 10+
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