A Greedy Man And A Forgiving Bird (Legendary Story}

The young man walked along the forest
The thick and dark forest it was
Wild animals, small and big ones
Even tigers roared from distance.

Still his spirit was so high
Seeming he is brave also in real life
His foot steps sound in dried leaves
Had its own impact to the small animals

He carried a long stick as support
As well as a security to his life
At last night came, no more walking
Tired a lot and sought a resting place.

The man in his youthful period
Had his own virtues and changed to vices
Bankruptcy followed and unable to move
The family in starvation on his failure.

The depended wife asked him to try the luck
Go somewhere and gain the money to live
The aim was to find his luck in distance
And journey through the forest likewise.

He selected a place of underneath a tree
And had his bed by the rotten leaves
But he was hungry, thirsty and tired
Slowly he fainted and tried to sleep.

Suddenly a sound of flying bird heard
It was a giant bird having its nesting place
The same tree the stranger took his rest
The bird watched carefully of the man.

This particular bird spoke in words
A blessed quality it got from divine
Asked the man to reveal the identity
What was his aim and where he as to go
Told the mystery of life he going through
And money and material for a better life.

The bird gave lot of fresh fruits to him
And a log of wood having fire from distance
Asked the man to sleep in the hotness
And told him I can help you somehow.

In the very morning the bird told the friend
Go to the village nearby and meet the king
The king of devils but a friend of me
Reveal your identity to him as a friend of mine
He will help to you all you want to prosperity.

Virupaksha the king of devils he met the day
Got heartiest welcome there being the friend
Of the friend of his beloved Jaralkkaru, bird
Asked to take whatever from the treasure in palace

The Man took gold as heavy as he can carry
But failed to remember the distance to be traveled
Returning the same place of the same tree somehow
Took rest in the same shade of the tree and waited
The good bird who helped him in his adversity.

The Bird came back and happiest to know his earning
And made arrangements to a safe return with treasure
When gone to sleep the wicked mind awakened
How to cross the long distance in an empty stomach

After such a long stress of mind decided
To kill the sleeping bird without a guilty conscious
Or a remorse in the event of killing a friend in need
He killed the bird cruelly and carried the meat
After burning in the fire that gave by the bird
Walked the distance with vigor and speed.

The following day the meeting day between the friends
The devil king traced his beloved bird friend
Seeing the remains of bird in feathers and bones
Decided the greedy mind of the man had killed it
Traced the man and punished to death in pieces
But somewhere a sound happened to hear in heights.

Don't be killed the friend my dear, I excuse him
It is my own fault in believing the man a stupid.
The fault is on his greedy mind and family grievance.
Only we can forgive the human being on his wrongs.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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