A Greek Tragedy

Poem By Sandra Martyres

They say with conviction that
Tragedies regularly happen
This is unfortunate especially
When they are of the Greek variety

Here one of the world's oldest
Civilisations is on the brink
Having courted disaster with
A strong sense of determination

Although Greece's contribution
To the European Union's GDP
At two percent is rather paltry
Its actions caused a major tremor

First Greece shook, then did the Euro
The US was not far behind and soon
The whole world was in panic mode
Markets and sentiments tanked again

Reacting fast European mints went
Into action to print billions of Euros
To save not only the Greeks from a real tragedy
But the other PIIGS from the slaughter house

The world heaved a sigh of relief but now
Belt-tightening and generous contributions
To the national exchequers are demanded
The question is whether the piglets will comply

NB: Another economic disaster that was waiting to happen....Greece was the first to be caught in the act of cooking its books....The other PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain) who could have problems with their troubled economies forced the Eurpoean Union to take action to protect the Euro and the future of the Union.

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