A Green Foliage.

I was on the road,
It began to shower.
In search of shelter
I made a quick glance around.

By a fence
Were lined a few trees.
They invited my eyes,
They opened their foliage.

Birds were chirping,
Squirrels were creeping.
Flies were dancing,
A sweet aroma was encircling.

Shadows gathered around me,
Leaves fell over the place.
A green umbrella was above me,
An unseen hand was roofing me.

A nest was in the winds,
Little birdies watched the rain.
To the showering clouds
Their beaks played a whispering note.

Rain was hard
But it was brief.
Leaving the shelter
Once again I picked up the road.

Those trees are now gone,
That landscape is no more.
Yet, in the inward eye, I do hear
Those rain drops, the long chirps,
The whispering beaks, the quivering wings, and
I am swept into blissful moments.

by Ravi Panamanna

Comments (41)

so gracefully crafted every word well penned 10++++
I like the chopped short words and lines and the rhythm of this poem. it leads you on to the next line and then the next. Great skill Ravi, well done.
Nice enjoying in greeny environment, bird watching.10
its so nice of you to share this kind of of poem to us, while reading this an image of you to the world of enchanted forest is I have easily imagined... I really like it, it touches me so much.... thanks for sharing.
I do remember those trees by the roads. Tamarind, Banyan, pepul and Jamun. Cities are encroaching everywhere. Thanks for bringing back those memories.
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