A Green Foliage.

I was on the road,
It began to shower.
In search of shelter
I made a quick glance around.

by Ravi Panamanna Click to read full poem

Comments (41)

so gracefully crafted every word well penned 10++++
I like the chopped short words and lines and the rhythm of this poem. it leads you on to the next line and then the next. Great skill Ravi, well done.
Nice enjoying in greeny environment, bird watching.10
its so nice of you to share this kind of of poem to us, while reading this an image of you to the world of enchanted forest is I have easily imagined... I really like it, it touches me so much.... thanks for sharing.
I do remember those trees by the roads. Tamarind, Banyan, pepul and Jamun. Cities are encroaching everywhere. Thanks for bringing back those memories.
A sweet aroma with the muse of life. Nice work.
Truly, sweet memories of nature as such linger in mind throughout our life giving immense pleasure and joy.
true nature, s man. i envy you ravi.nice write voted10 surya
commemorating the past..but it has a great hope, green leaves means life..umbrella is a a roof..this poem is very beautiful.grace.
sir, the story you told. i saw with crytal clear vision.
Excellent composition with feelings.
'Nature is to be cherished to be perished only' is the prevailing trend...yet dense foliage of swwet memories can be immortal...nice write
such a beautiful poem.............cutting down tress is a crime.................well done
Most enjoyable Ravi, recalling this picture still fresh in your mind gives it a memorable lift at the end- imagery very good - Cindy
very visual indeed...you v crafted the poem very well....the kind of auditory and visual images you v used portrays a really beautiful picture in the reader's mind's eye thanks for the invitation 10+++
Fabulous write. Fully enjoyed my read. Amazing work with good note.
lovely poem and nice way of reminding the world not to spoile the enviornment.
ravi very nice poem awareness about the fast degrading environs is the call of the day reminds me of a movie...soilent green from the 70s great lines cheers
the celestial canopy of protection..which we all need to preserve well put
I too bathed in a blissful showers of poem.............................A Good Write.........