A Grey Winter's Day

I strolled beside the river on a grey and dank new day
As rain came down and soaked me, and my mind wandered astray
I tried to keep myself in check, to stop me from imploding
And looking up into the sky, there was a slight foreboding

I couldn't help the way I felt, the greyness lingered on
I wished the sun would show itself, and warm the day along
And then I saw the kingfisher, perched upon a tree
As if it sat there preening, and just showing off for me

Against that background, silvery grey, it's beauty took my breath away
No longer did I feel morose, as beauty kept me on my toes
I stood a while and watched it preen, thinking I could not be seen
And as it flew off, the sun broke through, and the sky turned into blue

by Phil Soar

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