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! A Grief Ago
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! A Grief Ago

Poem By Michael Shepherd

'There is no grief
which time does not lessen
or soften' -
so said Cicero, a man so often right;
a Stoic, those for whom
all life presents a lesson
to be learned from,
and then, to move on from..

But I wonder about all this:
is grief ever lessened or softened?
Is it not, perhaps, overlaid
in our so various ways?

For some, grief framed and falsified
to ease that grief;

For some, like hyacinths and crocus bulbs,
left in a dark cupboard in the autumn of our grief
to respond to time, and
become at last

gently, gently, the covers pulled
over the loving bed,
the true, the pure, the lovely painful grief,
the memory deep cherished,
gently, gently, folded
into the cupboards of the heart

there to be known, without the door disturbed
until the time - 'a grief ago' as Dylan wrote -
the cupboard opened only for love's sake
without grief...:
those carefully folded memories
brought out and loved
and lived a while...

not grief, not grief...but
the pure memory of grief

and behold,

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Comments (34)

A most beautiful poem, but tad too sad. Loveliest worded, melancholy layered. Grief is oft melancholy perpetually. Loveliest told.
I can relate, very nice :)
Ah! A grief and then despair. Or need it be? Such questions. Such answers I, too, explore in – Eternal Grief - Adeline
Very nice mr micheal....a grief ago...kudos, u r very good... Please i will luv for you to read a few of my poems...esp do not despair at the death of the light.... And leave a comment/criticism too i will appreciate it...thanks for sharing
we are born grieving, and find our very meaning there... great poem!