LCW (27.03.73 / Northumberland, England)

A Grizzly Dream- Fun

The other night I retired to bed and had a crazy dream
That I was walking on the beach when I heard an awesome scream
Standing right before me was a great brown grizzly bear
wearing a tu-tu and a basque and a ribbon in her hair

She started piroetting in a Wayne Sleep kind of stance
then shouting over to me 'Do you like my ballet dance? '
'Please I beg dont call my shrink
The bear went on to say
I simply am a dancing queen my name is kinky Kay
She pointed to my bikini and yelled 'Hey you look daft! '
Have you looked in the mirror yet? I said and off I laughed

I woke up in the morning
My day was like no other
For who was standing on my step but Kays big angry mother!

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I agree with David and I love this little poem, it's nice to see humour in poems every now and then and not always the serious side or doom and gloom. This is truly and up poem, thanks for sharing Lisa.--Melvina--
Lisa, this is a quirky funny poem. Your humour is as quirky as mine. I loved this. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
i loved it what more 2 say? ? ? .. one of the best 'funny poems'.. ive read... KEEP WRTING DONT STOP.. bcuz i will be here..2 comment on many of themm so u will see my name many a times: -) debbie: -) *KEEP WRITING*- (a message from kays cuzin)
Lisa, great ending to a hysterical poem... well done! ! Brian
T'was this a dream-or a nightmare-but wait, that horse belongs in another story! Very funny, esp. the picture you paint of Kay, the Dancing Queen!
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