A Grudge

a grudge haunts you,
it gnaws at you,
it redefines you.
a grudge keeps total bliss at bay,
it ails you,
it dismantles your heart,
it bedevils you.
a grudge lusts for revenge,
it precludes all hopes of perfect zest
and broils you with incessant anger.
it rearranges your fragile into a stone,
the animosity turns you into an inanimate creature
blimey! even that smile is a total guise!

but what do you do
when you discover that the person
you hold dear harbours a grudge against you?
i don't want to be a stone
so i beg you
can't we let there be peace?

by Stella Sisanda Qishi

Comments (2)

A fantastic masterpiece! Your poetry...rocks sister! Keep writing hauntingly lyrical poems like you only can Stella.Do it for the motherland.Write great majestic poetry for mother Africa.Create masterpiece after masterpiece to be marvel at from here to eternity! Do so for our children's sake.Do so for our sanity.Do so most importantly for the person who counts...the mostest! Namely yourself.Congratulations.Yuh's got the blessings
I agree! Great poem, thanks