A Guardian Angel

Down and down you spiral,
way out of control,
never know where you are going,
only knowing where you’ve been.
You look for out reaching hands,
something to grasp hold of,
but in your mind, there is nothing there,
until you are stopped with a jolt,
that rockets through your system.
You think that you have reached the bottom,
of that darkened pit,
then suddenly you realise,
someone has hold of you.
A guardian angel,
to help you through your despair,
and help you put you back on the road,
that you were suppose to travel down.
Now guardian angels,
come in the most unlikely guises,
you will never know them
if you passed them on the street.,
but they are there when you need them,
to help to carry you through,
in those moments when you don’t care
whether you live or die.
Everyone has one;
we just never know when they will appear.
Sometimes they enlist the help of strangers,
who then become friends.
They do this because that stranger
also needs someone too.

5 August 2007

by David Harris

Comments (6)

Wonderful sentiments, enthralling. Excellent piece David. Regards. Craig
Yes David you are spot on, guardian Angels are all around us, some of us have more than one. Love this poem David, thanks for writing it.--Melvina--
Oh yes, David, i believe in Guardian Angels. In fact we hold a feast of guardian angels every first saturday of October.God always send us our right guardian angels to protect us..thanks David, for this.. hugs, Meggie
So inspiring... I too believe in Guardian Angel, the reason why I feel confidence! Thanks David. another 10 for it.
A warm and loving tribute to those souls (wings'nall) who are 'there' for us. And you're right, they come in the most unlikely guises sometimes. I'm sure you've been one of them David. I've always believed that you never get more than you can stand in this crazy world. Hope I'm not proved wrong, eh? love, Allie xxxxx
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