A Guardian Angel

Poem By Mary Wismer

Looking at the sky I'm aware
of a presence, of an impact,
of a contact.
It whispers through the black,
Through the dark, deepest
Distance, ' I'm beside you
I wont live you'

Living in a world where No
means Yes and Yes means No.
I've been disappointed by someone.
I have found in you a friend that's true,
You've never let me down.

You promise to be with me,
that you wont never leave me.
I trust in you, I know you are
Like my guardian Angel.
you keep telling me ' you are not alone
Mary, I will never ever leave you'

A special friend, like you is rare
indeed It's seems to be sent from heaven.
Yes, perfect friends are very few,
So, lucky I am for having you!

Echoing through space, rushing
faster than light speed, through
the silence flies a presence.
Filling all the loveless and wild
Empty blackness, like a lover
like a brother. You are faithful Friend.

You've given me a brand new start.
Like my guardian Angel,
A Hero of my heart.
You givin' me a light,
To walk right on through.
You givin' me a faith too,
To believe in you, you making
My heart strong through
the sadness and laughter,
Joy and pain.

Always and forever from this moment after
Come what may come whatever
Nothing ever will sever my love for you my friend.
With this soul kiss I do hereby promise
Through the sadness and trough the tears
even through the bitter blinding of my fears,
Come a love so warm and wise wiping all
those crazy tears from my eyes.

Something like heaven reached out from me,
and it Stretch across the blackness and it wiped
my tears away, and it held me in it's power
as though I was it's my own and whisper that
I never walk alone. Slowly light begins on me
Could be an Angel come to rescue me?

Doc Wilde my Guardian Angel,
A faithful friend, who captured my heart.
And I just want to thank you
for being always by my side.
My soul's warrior, He's my heart protector!
My Guardian Angel.

I wrote this poem dedicated to a Loving and caring friend Doc Wilde
for being there for me always and for being apart of my life and a good example to everybody. I love you Doc, my faithful friend.

25.January 2008

Comments about A Guardian Angel

Bless you Mary. He was a nice man. He often commented on my work. I am so sorry about this news. You were lucky to have known him. I too shet a little tear for Doc Wilde. Your poem is a true dedication to him and beautifully written.
what a great poem mary, but I am sad of the news that your gone with the agnels of heaven. I always pray for you. thanks, melvin
Bless you Mary, you have touched many hearts here... Thank you for such a wonderful tribute to a gentleman. Peace to you and your family, you will be missed.... Lee
Mary, you will now become an 'Angeli custodi' too many... guide and protect us from heaven above now and may your whispers to Doc continue.... Eternal Peace, Aroha Deana
Mary Dear one, you are also an Angel, and I will never ever forget you..cause I love you so, so much...farewell my dear one.

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