Weeping Willow

weeping willow,
weping willow,
why do you cry?
why so much sorrow?
weeping willow,
weeping willow,
whisper to me
what no one knows.
weeping willow,
weeping willow,
you say your heart
is so fragile.
weeping willow,
weeping willow,
listen to your soul,
your spirit will not drwon,
for the water is too shallow.
weeping willow,
weeping willow,
dream sweet dreams
until tomorrow.

by kira kira

Comments (13)

Amala ghoosberry exacts apple in vitamin C and dead cheap
A guava fruit a day keeps the doctor away, is a right kind of prescription for a diabetic patient. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful advice.
So true! Besides, many different fruit have similar benefits! A very nice poem!
A powerful truth that teaches us the need to use what is accessible to us. Well done my friend!
The problem I face is that quava fruits cost much more than apples in my country! Neither is cheap so I am sticking to bananas, .Thanks for sharing
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